We are field investigators and researchers that conduct field research with the objective to find and study locations with potential paranormal activity in a scientific and professional manner.

Our goal is to gather, assimilate and collate data that will lead to the better understanding of spirits and hauntings. In the process of our working toward that goal, we also wish to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding a situation related to our field. We hope to do this by educating them as to the true nature of their situation by giving them the information and understanding to create a viable resolution for the person and the spirit. We are all striving toward the same goal of learning about ghosts and other entities in an open-minded environment.

We are all dedicated in assisting with any paranormal or unexplained situations ranging from private homes to business settings to find a reasonable solution. We can also contact a network of other trained professionals who can assist the person, should the need arise.

We are open-minded to all theories and methods of paranormal investigation. This is not an exact science, all of us in this field are learning as we go and hopefully, in the end, this will create the theories and proof necessary to bring the subject of ghosts into the mainstream. We use the latest electronic tools and other modern detection equipment along with intuitive and sensitive investigators. We provide the owners of the location a report of our findings and evidence collected free of charge.

ETPRS is an affiliate of the Ghost Adventures Crew