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Due to all of the societal lockdowns many are struggling to keep food on the table, even in first world international locations. Adding to this equation are crop losses from quickly rising climate calamities that are taking their toll on global meals manufacturing. Who is buying up all of the farmland that has now been decimated and devalued? How much longer can the local weather engineering factor on this equation be hidden in plain sight?

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The climate engineers have scheduled a massive floor cool-down for much of the US over the approaching 7-14 days. What is the true scale of toxic elements being sprayed into our skies in order to carry out such an operation? The accelerating demise of Earth’s environments and ecosystems is still being ignored by the bulk in first world nations. Forests are dying everywhere in the world whereas our skies are increasingly blotted out with climate engineering components. Can we but expose the madness in time to make a distinction?

People Killed As Myanmar Military Cracks Down On Protesters: Report

Pro-Beijing lawmakers have referred to as for work by the dissident artist Ai Weiwei to be removed from a new museum, and accused native arts teams …

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