Food Safety

Hey Anthony, good to hear from you, thanks very a lot. And thanks for the suggestions, I was nearly going to eat at Ikan Bakar Cianjur, but I ran out of time, so haven’t been there but. To Mark, like to look at you sharing Indonesian food haha. Anyway, the “sate” at Jalan Kyai Maja 21, is indeed greatest sate in south Jakarta , at lunch time it is rather crowd, you’ll be able to see they hold the sate peanut sauce in “tempat krupuk”. God bless you Mark for making this good information of Indonesian culture. I hope you retain the nice work and someday within the close to future you`ll be like Anthony Bourdain sitting with Barack Obama in casual foodstall, which location are in Indonesia and person to sit down with…God knows who, however it simply famous.

Surabaya additionally has Sup Kikil and Lontong Balap for it’s local dish, my mom really liked Lontong Balap, but I’m not really into it, I appreciated Kikil (cow’s leg) although, especially if it’s curried within the Nasi Padang restaurants here. And additionally Rangin, Brem , Jenang, Lapis Legit, Kue Lapis, Putu, Lupis, Klepon for sweet snacks. Klepon may be very …

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