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How can you best set up your makeup table?

Are you someone who care a lot about your appearance and spends a lot of time on it every day? Then you should have a place where you prefer to make up. At your make-up table, for example. In the beginning, such a place will remain neat, but after that it always gets a bit out of hand. Your makeup table is getting very chaotic. You can still find your things, but it is not a nice and tidy feeling. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your make-up table organized and tidy.

Cosmetic storage box

Many different types of storage boxes can be found on the internet. Here you can store all your make-up products, but also cosmetic jars. You can then put this at the end of your make-up table. This allows you to decide for yourself what you want to put together. Make sure you have the same products together. For example, all eyeshadow together, all your creams together, etc.

For lipstick, nail polish and oil that come in a dropper bottle, usually have a separate storage box. The storage box contains many small boxes next to each other. So, you can put it all next to each other. Also, with this kind of storage box, you can organize it on color. You can go from light to dark or the most use to the less use.

Cosmetic jars

Products such as cotton swabs, tissues and brushes usually do not fit in such a storage box. But it is also very nice if they get a place on your make-up table. For example, for cotton swabs and cotton wool, you can use a cosmetic jar. Wholesale glass dropper bottles have them in different shapes and sizes. This way you have enough to match, so that the apothecary jars are also very neatly the same.

Finishing touch

Now that your make-up table is almost completely cleared, it is time for some last things. For example, consider a trash can. This way you don’t have to constantly walk to the trashcan when you take off your make-up in the evening. You can also decorate your makeup table. And no, not with glitter, but with lights, for example. You can stick it to the edge of the table with tape. This way you have light for when it is dark, but your table is also nicely decorated. Do you want more information regarding this subject? Then read it here!