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Palm oil in more detail

A striking fact about palm oil is that it is used in many products. These products include both edible and non-edible products. As far as the non-edible products are concerned, these are mostly items that are used for fashion. Think of a lipstick or a certain cream. As far as the edible is concerned, this concerns different types of cookies, dumplings and other tasty meals. That said, we can almost assume that almost everyone has consumed palm oil at some point. Especially for you, we neatly list the advantages and disadvantages for you so that you can have an idea about this special product.

The benefits of Palm oil

The palm fruit in itself can be considered a relatively sustainable plant. For example, it is established that the lifespan of an oil palm is set at 25 to 30 years. You can expect fruits from the third year. A unique property of the palm fruit is that it constantly produces fruit throughout the year. Another striking advantage of the palm fruit is that the yield of one hectare is sixteen times higher than with other oils. In other words, to achieve the same amount of cultivated palm oil, much more land is needed for other crops. Growing palm oil is therefore much cheaper than other oils. This also explains why palm oil is a relatively cheap raw material. Many companies use palm oil purely because they have to pay much less for it.

The Disadvantages of Palm Oil

In addition to the advantages, there are the disadvantages of palm oil. It is always good if you are also aware of the various disadvantages. Based on this, you can take stock and make your own decision. What can be said is that the disadvantages of palm oil mainly affect consumers. This is because one of the disadvantages of palm oil involves a health aspect. Half of palm oil consists of unsaturated fats. Research has shown that unsaturated fats are the main reason for various cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular disease patients are therefore strongly discouraged to use palm oil products. But even if you are not a patient, it is not a good reason to frequently consume palm oil products. Before you know it, you belong to the group of cardiovascular patients. What you can do is reduce its use. You can make up the balance yourself and that’s why this is a good product.